IP CCTV Price in Nepal

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Hikvision IP CCTV Price in Nepal

2MP Dome Network Camera

cctv price in nepal
  • 1/2.8″ Progressive CMOS, ICR, 1920×1080:25fps(P)/30fps(N),
  • H.265+/H.264+&H.264,
  • 3D DNR, BLC, IR range: up to 30m, DC12V & PoE,Support mobile
  • monitoring via Hik-Connect

2MP Bullet Network Camera

Model Number:DS-2CD1023G0E-I (C)

1/2.8″ Progressive CMOS, ICR, 1920×1080:25fps(P)/30fps(N),
H.265+/H.264+&H.264, 3D DNR, BLC, IR range: up to 30m, DC12V & PoE,Support mobile
monitoring via Hik-Connect

About IP cctv price in Nepal

In Nepali market we will find different cctv brand available. Due to the risk of thief and other crime, the demand of close circuit television is increasing day by day. CCTV helps to monitor and record the day today activities of specific areas. Here we are give some importance of close circuit television.

Prevention and Detection of Crime

CCTV helps in prevention and detection of crime. It helps to monitor all the activities in specific area, we are able to know what is going to happen. It also help to record what was happened in past. CCTV record is the strong evidence of crime.

Public Safety

CCTV installation in public place plays the vital role in the public safety. Many public place like school, collage, parks, cinema hall, banks, etc have the CCTV installation, which help to monitor for potential threats, accidents, or emergencies, allowing for a quicker response from authorities.

Traffic Management

In city areas, CCTV cameras are used for monitoring traffic flow, detecting accidents, and enforcing traffic laws. This helps improve road safety, reduce congestion, and enhance overall transportation efficiency.

Employee Monitoring and Safety

In workplaces, CCTV can be used to monitor employee activities, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and prevent theft or misconduct. It also serves as a deterrent against workplace violence and harassment.

Evidence in Legal Proceedings

CCTV footage is often used as crucial evidence in legal proceedings, including criminal trials, civil litigation, and insurance claims. It provides an objective record of events, helping to establish facts and resolve disputes.

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

Nowadays, Remote monitoring and surveillance available in all CCtv trough internet connection. This allows for real-time monitoring of premises from anywhere, providing added security and peace of mind.

Protection of Property and Assets

CCTV cameras are commonly used to protect homes, businesses, and valuable assets. By continuously monitoring premises, they can help deter burglaries, vandalism, and other unauthorized activities.

Emergency Response Coordination

During emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks, CCTV footage can provide valuable insights for emergency responders, helping them assess the situation and coordinate their efforts more effectively.

Privacy Concerns:

While CCTV offers many benefits, it also raises concerns about privacy and surveillance. It’s essential to strike a balance between the need for security and individual privacy rights when deploying CCTV systems.

Meanwhile, CCTV plays the vital role in maintaining strong security management in every places in your areas.

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