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issue manager of sahas urja Limited is going to publish the result of IPO
allotment on 3
rd October 2020. The Issue manager will publish the
ipo allotment at the office of Global IME Capital Limited. 
The company
will allocate IPO to the 6440000 shares to the general public. The total number
of applicants is 2474436.The total applicants 5.35 times greater than the
issued IPO shares.

आइपिओको रिजल्ट  हेर्न यहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस 

How to check the IPO result of Sahas Urja Limited ?

Steps to view the result at iporesult.cdsc.com.np

  • Go to ipo result.cdsc.com.np
  • Select the company (sahas urja limited)
  • Enter you demat number on BOID section
  • Click on View the result

Steps to check the result at the website of NIBL Ace Capital

  • Visit the site https://niblcapital.com/ from your browser 
  • Click on Check list and go to the IPO allotment (The ipo allotment page will opened)
  • Select the company (sahas urja limited)
  • Put your BOID number at the BOID section
  • Click on the View result
NIBL Ace Capital has stated that the shares will be distributed on Sunday whereas the company has done the pre-allotment on Friday
The company had issued 7 million shares worth Rs. 70 million. Out of that, 3 percent or 210,000 shares will be distributed to the employees and 5 percent or 350,000 shares will be allocated to the collective investment fund and only the remaining 644,000 shares will be distributed to the general public.
The company’s IPO has demanded 34.4 million 98 thousand 390 shares from 24 lakh 74 thousand 436 applicants. This is 5.35 times more than the 6.4 million shares issued to the public.





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