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Ncell has
recently introduced the Ultra Wi-Fi SIM Plus for the better experience of browsing the internet through WIFI. Ncell has recommended this ultra-Wi-Fi sim to be used at
Office or home. This ultra WIFI SIM works by connected with the nearest Ncell
tower by which it is portable with range served by the particular tower. This
service can be used on the Ncell network all over Nepal. This service is the
perfect solution for the people who want to make their Wi-Fi portable. This
technology bypasses all the fiber, copper and cable services to the customer.
For the customer this wifi service is easy to install and make the internet
device portable within the home and office


Equipment Used
for the Ncell Utra Wifi SIM

4Genabled devices,



data card



Monthly Price (30 days)

Rs. 651.22 (incl. taxes)

Quarterly Price (90 days)

Rs. 1953.66 (incl. taxes)

Half Yearly Price (210 days)

Rs. 3907.31 (incl. taxes)

Yearly Plan (420 days)

Rs. 7814.63 (incl. taxes)

Wi-Fi SIM+ Monthly Data

40 GB 

Voice Monthly (Minutes) (Ncell to Ncell)

50 x 2 SIMs 

Mobile Data Monthly (GB)-2 SIM bundle with data provision

5 GB X 2 SIMs

Prabhu TV




Hungama Music


Daami Music


Above per month price is for yearly

Digital services only available on the bundled

Available 5 GB data on any network and 5 GB
data on 4G network.

Resources of the pack will recur every 30

Resources will not accumulate and will expire
after every 30 days



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