Nepal Bans Indian News Channels |Nepal bans private Indian channels for airing ‘false propaganda

Foreign channel distributors Multi System Operators (MSOs) have stopped broadcasting Indian news channels in Nepal.
 Dhruv Sharma, vice-president of Mega Max TV, said that the channel’s distributors had decided to suspend broadcasting of all Indian news channels except government-owned Doordarshan from Thursday evening.  Explained.
 He said, “After the anti-Nepal gossip of Indian news channels crossed the line, we, the distributors, have stopped broadcasting all the Indian news channels that broadcast such objectionable news on their own advice.”  But unless the government adopts a policy to block content from the internet, we can’t stop broadcasting Indian channels on purpose. ‘
 MSOs are urging the government to stop unauthorized video content from the Internet before the government implements Clean Feed.  The government may suspend the broadcasting of foreign channels at any time at the request of cable operators.
 Operators including Dishome, Mega Max, DSN, My TV have decided to shut down Indian news channels.  Sharma of Max TV said that the government will now hold discussions with the Ministry of Communications to block the flow of video content that is not registered in Nepal and comes through the internet.

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