Sadhana Laghubitta Ipo Open for Sale From Today

IPO of Sadhana Laghubitta 

The ipo of sadhana microfinance worth rs. 77.8 million will be open for sale from today.  the company is about to issue 7 lakh 7 thousand 8 hundred ipos worth rs 100.  out of this, 0.50 percent or 10 thousand 890 units have been allotted to the employees.  similarly, 5 percent or 35,390 kitta have been given to collective investment funds.  the remaining 661,520 kitta will be open to the public.

The closing date for the ipo issuance of the company is early Ashadh 24th and late Shrawan 4th .  applicants can apply for a minimum of 10 kitta and a maximum of 1,000 kitta.  investors will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 kitta and a maximum of 1,000 kitta.
Applicants can apply from c-asba member banks and financial institutions approved by the nepal securities board and designated branch offices.

 The ipo of this company has been given a grade 4 plus rating by care rating nepal, which has a lower than average basis.  global ime capital will act as the sales manager.  at present, the paid up capital of sadhana is Rs. 146 million.  so far, the company has been providing microfinance services from 60 branch offices.

What is IPO Shares ?

  • IPO means the initial public offering of the shares. Initial public offering are used to raise the more capital in the public limited company.Public Limited company can listed in stock exchange after publishing Initial public offering.It is the process by which the company can sold its stock to the general pubic. The allocation system of IPO is differs from country. In the case of Nepal Nepal government of Nepal has make the policy to allocated the shares by the lottery with the minimum 10 units shares each person if the IPO is oversubscribed. If the IPO is not subscribed then the IPO shares will allotted as per the demand of the applicants.

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